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LoveBud Wallpaper

Couples who are in true love with each other are commonly recognized in our society as love buds always being together. The lovely pair enjoys their sentiment, emotions and feelings of love by celebrating special moments of their life like birthday, anniversary, friendship day, valentine day and other days. Enjoy and feel the spirit of being called as buds of love paired together and close to each other. You can share and enjoy those lovely feel of celebrations with any of these LoveBud Wallpaper for free.
Love Bud
Valentine Wallpapersvalentine love bud

3d Valentine Love Wallpapers

3d is enjoyed and loved by people in different forms, styles and patterns but the excited look of 3d presented on love theme are really awesome. You can watch the 3d design made hearts, couples, angels, birds and more scenes as expressed in 3d Valentine Love Wallpapers for free download option.
3D Love Graphic
Valentine Wallpapers
Valentine 3D Screensaver

Abstract Valentine Wallpapers, Abstract Valentine Backgrounds

Download any of these Abstract Valentine Wallpapers with lovely designing patterns of hearts designed beautifully over the background to be set as wallpaper on desktops and other applications. Gift these free wallpaper to your beloved lover to create spirit of valentine's day celebration and excitement.
Abstract Love
Valentine Wallpapers

what's your vote...

A: Headboard: Kirk Brummel, Pillow: Quadrille, Window: Victoria Hagan

B. Headboard: Quadrille

C: Headboard: Victoria Hagan

when the hubbie leaves me at home (he went to pick up tay from camp- yippee), i is what i just finished playing around with..tay's pitiful room doesn't even have a picture on the wall (i went on bed rest right after we moved here and then had a newborn). it's really embarrassing...even tay makes comments about it! so here is what we are working with- two twin beds, pillows, and a window treatment. help me with this depressing room; then maybe i will finally do something about it :) so what's your vote??!!

*the monogramed shams were something i had done before we moved here...don't know if they will stay or not.

girl time.

two of my bff's are in town for a couple of days and i couldn't be more excited...on our agenda: pool, pedicures, and lots of catching up and laughing. but right now, i'm off to make whole wheat pancakes w/ fresh fruit :)

btw, did you see these fun desk chairs on design*sponge?? how can that not put a smile on your face??!

*images courtesy of poppy & leo, style notes, D*S

the house is a little quieter....

okay A LOT quieter, now that my biggest kiddo is off at camp for the week....
it's amazing how easy it gets w/ a baby when the big sister is away. warren and i feel like we are on vacation! we went on a long walk, visited w/ friends and drank wine, cooked a yummy dinner, watched a strange movie, cleaned the house (and it stayed that way), slept in a little...and now i can actually sit at the computer and have time to do things while the baby takes his AM nap.
it's going to be a nice week....BUT i have to admit, i already miss my girl...

good morning sunshine....

if only my house looked this put together and beautiful when i woke up!!

*images courtesy of this is glamorous, little emma english home, unknown

simple things....

i am the first to admit that i get caught up in my daily routine....especially with a newborn and a 3 yr old. last night around 10:00, warren and i just sat and talked- no tv, no computer, no cell phones, no was wonderful. it's amazing how simple things can be so fulfilling...i highly recommend trying it :)


i thought these images were a perfect way to start the weekend....

the last image is my favorite though...he will be one month tomorrow and i couldn't love him more if i tried. although, i started thinking if he could talk, would he say "seriously mom...why did you have to throw me in with such a girly set of photos..."
good thing he can't talk :)


i adore jadeite....the color totally has me smitten. my mom got me started on it. her collection is a lot better then mine. i only have a couple of pieces but i try to use them as often as possible b/c i think it makes my food taste better :)

sometimes i find myself wishing i could see the future for one split second....

*images courtesy of unknown, the neotraditionalist, living etc

things are still chaotic....but these five minutes sitting here staring at pictures, listening to pandora (brandi carlile) is the BEST ever.
back to reality....

*images courtesy of ruby press, compulsively compiled, oh hello friend, apartment 34, renae moore blog

keeping it real....

i do feel the need to try and keep it real at times on this blog....i love beautiful interiors but i am far from being surrounded by pretty spaces right now....
in fact if you really want to know- my house is a disaster, i am sleep deprived, laundry has tripled in size, i get peed on daily by my two week old, i take showers in the middle of the day, i pray for coffee to appear in the coffee pot, i dread the 2 o'clock feeding, i went out in public and discovered i had a lovely wet spot on my shirt b/c it was close to feeding time, walker's umbilical cord fell off and we had no idea where it was (we did find it thankfully), potty training is the WORSE thing ever and it makes me want to cry on a regular basis, and i tried on my regular clothes entirely too early and was instantly met w/ defeat.....
BUT no matter what i wouldn't trade it for the world...pretty interiors will return, my child will one day be potty trained, and i will be able to sit back and laugh at all of this :)
in the meantime, i hope y'all have a very HAPPY 4th of JULY weekend!!